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Update. Upgrade. UpShot.

The combustion engine is on its last legs.  Every television is now a flat-screen and by default includes a remote control.  Fax machines and typewriters have gone the way of the dinosaur.  In fact, your smartphone likely has more memory and capability than the outdated desktop computer collecting dust in your garage!  Any others come to mind?  How about hard-copy document service and reliance on the antiquated local Post Office? Leave 1985 behind.  Embrace change; embrace technology. Take full advantage of efficiency and ease-of-use.

UpDate your technological experience.  UpGrade your claims and noticing agent.  UpShot Services LLC.  Big ideas; bigger technology.  


UpShot embraces state-of-the-art technology as a means to provide clients with top-notch customer service and timely, accurate data reporting.  Integral to that vision is a forward-thinking, proprietary database. And efficiency - don't forget about efficiency.  Built from the ground-up, UpShot's database was custom-built to intregrate with the specific data needs of bankruptcy professionals.  Customizable yet straightforward and easy-to-use, clients are able to monitor/edit users, data reports, claims and viewing capabilities at the touch of a button.  All the the while, data remains secure and fully compliant with industry-wide best practices and bankruptcy Court protocols.

Pre-Filing Services

Take your pick: Chapters 7, 9, 11 or 15.  UpShot skillfully coordinates with the Debtors, their counsel, financial advisors and various other professionals to address a variety of pre-filing case needs and issues. Working hand-in-hand with these constituencies, UpShot's expertise spans the gamut: from thorough aggregation of creditor matrix files to the efficient preparation of Schedules of Assets & Liabilities and Statements of Financial Affairs. From executory contract review/tracking to the creation of fully customizable case-specific websites.  UpShot's pre-filing expertise is extensive, throrough and based on years of industry experience.


Successful reorganization hinges on targeted, accurate and timely noticing.  UpShot is well-aware of its crucial role in the restructuring process and is able to devise and implement service gameplans based on case specifics and jurisdictional requirements.  Gone are the days of shotgun approaches to service.  Rather, UpShot customizes forms and filings for more effective service.  In addition, all service items are logged and tracked, which allows for constant address verification and instant updates to UpShot's proprietary database providing for real-time service statistics.  And this we promise: wherever possible, we will serve docucments via electronic means.

Creditor Communications

With Court-mandated deadlines and requirements looming, clients oftentimes find themselves overwhelmed with the sheer volume of creditor inquiries that inevitably arise.  "Will my invoices be paid?"  "Are my gift cards still valid?"  "Will I receive credit for my pre-petition vacation time?"  Enter UpShot, which has the ability to lighten the Debtor's proverbial load while providing inquiring parties with timely and useful information regarding the bankruptcy process.  UpShot obtains and hosts toll-free, dedicated creditor inquiry phone lines that are operator-manned 24-7.  Going a step further, UpShot is also able create customized FAQs and provide real-time statistics measuring the efficacy of various creditor communications strategies.

Claims Processing + Analysis

Claims processing and related analysis lies at the core of our business.  UpShot’s proprietary database was built from the ground-up with an eye towards straightforward claims solutions and integration with the data needs of bankruptcy professionals.  UpShot designs customized, Court-mandated forms for service on the creditor body.  Wherever possible, UpShot aims to utilize electronically-filed proofs of claim, which are tracked and maintained in its proprietary database - allowing for secure, real-time access to claim images, amounts and related data detail.  With this hands-on approach to claims and data management, UpShot is able to quickly and easily coordinate with the Debtor’s professionals to create exhibits for omnibus objections and claims-related pleadings.

Balloting + Tabulation

UpShot oversees the balloting and tabulation process from the initial draft of the Motion to the Approve the Disclosure Statement through final tabulation/reporting.  The UpShot team’s solicitation expertise begins with the review of the proposed solicitation procedures.  Applying these guidelines/rules, UpShot analyzes Schedules data and proofs of claim submitted to promptly prepare and finalize voting amounts.  With Debtor's counsel in agreement, customized ballots are then generated and disseminated to voting parties along with related solicitation materials.  Finally, UpShot receives, processes and tabulates returned ballots, allowing for up-to-the-minute tabulation results and certification to the Bankruptcy Court.


Post-confirmation, UpShot coordinates the secure and verified disbursement of funds to validated creditors.  Working in conjunction with the Debtor and its professionals, UpShot is able to create dedicated bank accounts with selected financial institutions.  Upon final review and verification of claims data, UpShot facilitates the disbursement process as outlined in Court-filed pleadings.  Integral thereto is the dissemination and collection of required tax forms and updating creditor records for eventual reporting purposes.  Clients are provided with secure, online access for review of remaining funds and payment status/tracking.  Finally, and where applicable, UpShot also offers escrow services for eventual fund dissemination to Court-approved classes.